About the Authors

James Polanco


In his role as co-founder and CTO of DevelopmentArc®, James strives to take powerful business ideas and integrate them into elegant technological experiences to help clients achieve their overall strategic goals. Since 1996, James has helped plan, guide and create interactive and web-based solutions for companies including Adobe, Toyota Motor Sports, BlueKai, VMWare, Macromedia, and DHAP Digital. James is also an international speaker, presenting on technology implementations & processes and a published author on the topic of full team product development and company workflows.

Aaron Pedersen


As co-founder and CEO of DevelopmentArc®, a boutique development firm and parent company of Pedanco, Aaron Pedersen’s passion lies in helping businesses streamline process making teams work more effectively through innovative technology solutions. A published author, expert speaker, and sought-after business consultant and trainer, Aaron works with a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 corporations and multi-chain hospitality companies to emerging brands and seed-round startups including Toyota Motor Sports, DHAP Digital, Adobe, KitchenNetwork and FitStar.

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